Underground Locating Services

Following is a list of some of our core services.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
  • Underground Cable & Utility Locating
  • Utility Service Locating and Mapping
  • Locate depth, position and spatial orientation of Metallic and Non Metallic pipes, cables, drums, tanks and culverts etc.
  • "As Built” documentation & Drafting
  • Concrete Slab thickness estimates
  • Locating ducts and cables in concrete floors
  • Rebar pattern identification and locations
  • Road bed studies
  • Radio Frequency locating and surveys
  • Oil and Gas flow line surveys
  • Site surveys
  • Locating unmarked grave sites
  • 3 D subsurface Ground Surveys Of Historical Sites
  • Cable fault-finding
  • Locating buried valves
  • Engineering Services...

Specialist Skills:

Experienced and skilled including a sound knowledge and familiarity of the various types of specialist locating equipment we have available. Detect Services has developed a competitive edge in the use of New Technology and in utility locating procedures.

There is no substitute for experience. Linkages with specialist national and international organisations are also maintained and developed to ensure clients receive superior service.


Above image shows underground services below the road surface. 

Above image shows reinforcing mesh at a depth of 60mm-90mm in a concrete floor.